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Hose Structure
Samson Extrusion Hose pipes

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of ‘SEMSONEX’ Brand PVC Flexible Braided Hose. Manufactured on a Fully Automatic European plant, ‘SEMSONEX’ Hoses can safely be used for compressed air connection,pnueumatic tools & equipment, general water delivery, medium duty rockdrill purpose & for conveying chemicals, acids & alkalies.

We manufacture various kind of hoses for different applications.

  1. Semsonex Supreme
  2. Semsonex Super
  3. Semsonex Non-Toxic hose food grade
  4. Semsonex Winter hose
  5. Cosmoflex for Air & Water
  6. Cosmoflex Fire hose
  7. Semsonex Gas welding hose
  8. Cosmoflex garden hose
  9. Cosmoflex Garden Eco
  10. Cosmoflex house hold hose

Temperature range: Between -10ºC to 60ºC


Salient Features

  • Light in weight than rubber hose, so easy to handle
  • Does not crack when in use or stored for long time, lasts longer than rubber hose
  • Strong enough to withstand high pressure
  • PVC smooth inner surface permits better flow of fluid
  • Crystal clear transparency allows air locks and blockages to be quickly detected and saves costly down time
  • Approx. 50% cheaper than good quality rubber hose
  • In PVC, same Hose can be used for Air, Pneumatic, Water & Chemical applications
  • PVC hose can give same W.P. & B.P. of rubber hose with less thickness.
  • Available in STD Coil Length of 100/50/30 Mtr
  • More thickness, more B.P. than other P.V.C. hose
  • Excellent ply adhesion, bonding between two layers of PVC make the whole hose as a homogenous entity resulting in greater strength to withstand higher pressure and give longer life
  • Made from Virgin & Best Quality Raw Material. No mixing of Cheaper Chemicals
  • Made from 1st quality, higher denier, high tenacity nylon filament yarn
  • It is crystal clear white, transparent hose
  • It is manufactured on fully automatic european plant
  • Hose comes with computerized marking such as Size, B.P. & Meter Marking